It does seem like such a silly question, doesn’t it? But the question has been asked, so there you go. The point is, is that strong motivations are being made today for all dog owners to take up the challenge of doing their own dog grooming as opposed to expending your constrained budget on several trips, per annum, to the professional dog groomer or dog parlor. That is about the biggest motivation for purchasing and learning how to use a pair of professional dog grooming clippers. In the long run, it will be a lot more cost effective, and perhaps we can also just add; a lot more convenient and endearing. 

One pair of dog grooming clippers purported to be used by professional dog groomers is the Oster dog clippers. The company Oster developed a modern system of snapping on numbered blades for the purposes of grooming. The company now offers the broad market, not just dog parlors some of the best performing clippers available. One Oster designed specifically for dog grooming is called the Pro 3000i. It has a Cryogen number two blade. This blade has been handcrafted from highly carbonized steel and is temperature hardened to improve the grooming tool’s performance and the blades’ longer lasting sharpness.

professional dog grooming clippers

The grooming tool is powered by a lithium-ion battery. For every charge that is made, the tool’s power lasts up to two hours. It is said that motor power is ‘only’ 3500 SPM but talk to the professionals and they can explain better why this speed is preferred. It could also have something to do with the years of accumulated skill. The Pro 3000i is not an entry level groomer and be quite expensive for budget conscious dog owners. Also, there is a need to purchase additional blades because the groomer is not supplied as the proverbial kit.  

It must be said that one reviewer sourced made the rather unconvincing remark that if using the Oster for the first time, the layman will gain a true appreciation of how professional dog groomers should perform. But elsewhere on the internet, there are explanations as to how professional dog groomers discern the performance of their choice blades. Earlier, mention was made of the greatest motivation for purchasing dog grooming clippers. This had to do with alleviating the expense of taking the dog for regular visits to the groomer.

It can be quite costly. But so too are trips to the vet. Unfortunately, these remain necessary. But today, there are medical pet care plans to help alleviate the costs. No such plans exist for trips to the groomers. But ever wondered why dogs love to go to the groomers and fear the visit to the vet? Dogs love the affectionate attention they received when groomed. And it is better appreciated by the dog if the grooming and attention that it loves so much is coming from its owner.